MARWA SHARAFELDIN is a women’s rights activist based in Cairo, completing her doctorate in Law at the University of Oxford. She is a campaigner for the reform of personal status laws in Egypt. She is co-founder of the Network for Women’s Rights Organisations and of the Young Arab Feminist Network, as well as NGOs such as Fat’het Kheir and Nahdet el-Mahrousa in Egypt. She is also board member of the Musawah International Movement for Muslim Family Law Reform. Marwa was a protester and campaigner in January 2011, as well as in demonstrations since, most notably the successive Women’s Marches of 2011 and 2012. She is also involved as a legal expert in the ‘Let Us Write Our Constitution’ and ‘Women in the Constitution’ civil society initiatives. She recently wrote on ‘The “Hareem” of the Egyptian Constitution’ for Egypt Independent, and against the repeal of the khul’ divorce laws in Al-Shorouk newspaper.